Accounting Issues Faced by Online Retailers



Accounting Issues Faced by Online Retailers



Online retailers are experiencing a significant increase in sales and transactions and with that comes the need to remain organised financially.

From small retailers to large retailers such as Amazon or eBay, they face many challenges, particularly at a time where they are attempting to keep up with consumer demands. What's more, they also need to keep ahead of their competitors and that can result in them losing focus when it comes to maintaining records and finances.

By understanding the challenges they face, they can find the correct solutions to put things right which should involve relying on accountants in Croydon to take care of a wide range of processes. This can involve tax returns, bookkeeping, payroll and more.

The Issues Online Retailers Face


Trying to take care of all accounting processes in-house can take a significant amount of time and this can cause delays. Delays can completely disrupt the flow of the business and can lead to penalties, especially when it comes to tax and missed deadlines.


Whether businesses are turning over millions of pounds or thousands of pounds, bookkeeping is a crucial part of the process. However, as sales increase so does the number of receipts and invoices as well as accounts payable and receivable. Managing cashflow becomes vital and this is where it is important that businesses understand how to find a good accountant.

Errors Are a Risk

As transaction numbers increase so does the risk of errors. Dealing with sales, sending out invoices and managing payments can all result in businesses losing control. The risks can prove costly and that can cause a business to lose a lot of money at the same time. A qualified accountant will have the ability to effectively manage transactions and paperwork to mitigate the risk of errors.

Submitting Tax Returns

From corporation tax to VAT and Income Tax, there are many different forms of taxes that have to be paid and trying to take care of this alone is a significant risk. HMRC requires businesses to effectively pay tax on time and correctly because getting it wrong can cause a vast array of issues for any retailer.

Managing Cashflow

Income and expenditures have to be actively monitored in order to identify the financial health of the business. If retailers are ineffective when it comes to managing cashflow then they this can have implications with tax, budgets and more. An accountant will have the ability to actively update and manage financial statements which makes it possible to understand the cashflow of the business.

Identifying Growth

Most retailers will want to grow their profits but identifying how to achieve this efficiently and effectively requires certain knowledge and experience. Getting it wrong can result in future problems but an accountant will help to forecast business sales and revenues with ease.

Maintaining Focus

With so much to think about from a financial perspective, retailers can find that they lose focus on their business. Managing finances takes a lot of focus away from the day-to-day running of the business and that can result in retailers losing focus on core business operations.

Why Retailers Should Use an Accounting Firm

The truth is, an accounting firm can help retailers to save time, money and effort while providing financial reporting and preparing tax. For a business to grow and succeed, they need to plan for the future, improve cashflow and spend more time focusing on the core of the business, which is exactly why a qualified accountant can make a significant difference.

If you are a retailer and want to focus on the success of your business, then get in touch with TaxAccoLega. We are on hand to help you with many of the challenges that your business might face.

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