What Will Happen to Uber Drivers Now that The Licence Has Been Revoked by TFL?

What Will Happen to Uber Drivers Now that The Licence Has Been Revoked by TFL?

There is no denying that Uber has a bad reputation when it comes to operating in London. There have been protests from traditional taxi drivers while drivers were once considered to be self-employed, which meant that they would have to think about looking for a tax accountant in their area. However, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that workers were employees of Uber and that saw new changes come into effect.

Despite this, this latest set back, which involved having their licence revoked in London means that drivers have no idea what the future holds for them.

The Transport for London (TFL) has said that repeated safety failures underpin the reason for the decision and this could leave 45,000 Uber drivers in London worried about their future. It seems as though their employment status has been put at risk by Uber because of the way in which their app is not fit and proper as a licence holder. This comes after the company made significant changes the way in which it operates.

It's Not New Territory for Uber

Uber has been in this position before, and so, perhaps drivers could take comfort from that, as the company was given two extensions after losing its licence in 2017. Despite this, the company will appeal the decision which will mean that they can continue to operate and the same goes for its 45,000 drivers.

Is There Any Chance Uber Won't Get a New Licence?

A pattern of failures identified by TFL has been a cause of concern. This is not down to the fault of its drivers but the change to Uber's systems has meant that unauthorised drivers had the ability to upload their photos to other accounts. This meant that there were 14,000 fraudulent trips made in 2018 and 2019.

What's more, it also found that drivers who had been dismissed or suspended were able to create new accounts and carry passengers.

Does it Signal the End Of Uber In London?

With thousands of drivers across the city, if Uber was no longer able to operate, it would mean that there would be a huge number of drivers out of work. However, cars are not going to disappear overnight which means that drivers will still have the ability to work.

The appeal process will have to run its course while the magistrates decide whether Uber is fit to operate and hold a licence, leaving drivers worried about their future. This decision is likely to take weeks and maybe months.

Where Does Uber Stand?

As expected, Uber has said that the decision to revoke the licence was wrong and it claimed that it had audited every single driver over the last two months while enhancing its processes.

However, what could work in favour of Uber is the way that it has conducted itself in the past when their licence was revoked in 2017. There is no doubt that Uber is a welcomed service in London, particularly because it offers cheaper prices but at the moment, with so many jobs at risk, drivers must be concerned about what awaits them.

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